About Dr Yanna Rider

Yanna Rider has over ten years’ experience designing and delivering training in Australia, the UK and the US, working primarily with government agencies, mainly in the intelligence and security areas.  She is a dynamic facilitator who consistently receives praise for her subject-matter knowledge, for her ability to communicate complex ideas simply and engagingly, and for her informal and approachable style (she was once asked for an autograph!).  The high rate of repeat business and  word- of- mouth recommendations suggest she’s got this right.  Yanna holds a PhD in Philosophy from The University of Melbourne for work on cognition (mental representation), where she is currently also involved in the IARPA-funded SWARM Project on Crowdsourcing Evidence, Argumentation, Thinking & Evaluation.

Professional memberships and affiliations :

  • Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)
  • International Association For Intelligence Education (IAFIE)
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Client Testimonials 
‘When I completed the evaluation form at the end of the…Program, I did not rank the program that highly. However, after I had reflected on it overnight, I think it was quite beneficial. This was highlighted on a couple of occasions over the following days, such as when I was sitting in on a high-level meeting and observed [Division Head, name removed] cutting through a confused discussion using techniques similar to those we’d learned. I’ve realised I not only learned some strategies/techniques, but also learned some of the language/approaches used by the executive.’
EL2, Australian government policy department)
‘I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Critical Thinking course this week. I felt as if my brain got stretched – the rusty bits needed some oil – but I found the course very stimulating and I will try to apply what I learnt. It was a pleasure to have such a good teacher – I was reminded of one or two inspiring teachers I had in the distant past, who made their subject come alive and stirred real intellectual response in their students.’
Analyst Department of Defence